Season 1: Episode 1: The Power of Love

Originally aired October 4, 2016! Join Danielle Lynn and Julie Anne Turner for an exploration of the Power of Love Love 3 ways Why the world needs you Talks of synchronicity The importance of using color And more Click here to listen or download it for yourself

A metaphysical discussion on moving beyond healing and duality

Healing Versus being Whole

So there’s this level where we naturally want to help others as we are all connected, spiritually, physically, and so forth. We have this perception that in helping others externally, say through healing, that we’re changing a whole, evolution, and all that rah rah rah. All perceptions are essentially internal to external. Meaning if I’m …

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2016 ascension signs

Symptoms of Awakening 2016

When you only identify as the ‘mind, the ego, the 3d consciousness’ you have a small, limited scope of ‘all you are.’

In awareness, you have an experience of being ‘oneness and connected to everything.’

You are very aware of the present moment. You live in unity of your self.

How to Change the World

When we ask ‘what is the most powerful way to change the world’, the answer is always “within”

This is not a ‘feel good’ answer. This is a window to your freedom.

The power you have when you tend to your inner being, when you connect with your self, is immeasurable.

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