Bridge between worlds

Being A Spiritual Bridge and Living Balanced

Sometimes I would wake up and feel displaced.  In my own body.

The beautiful dreams I had would vanish in the morning and suddenly I’d be ‘faced with life.’

For the dreamers and for those who are focused on the spiritual realms, the physical reality can create a feeling of separation or contrast.

It does not have to be so ūüôā And in this post I’ll share what I have found so far.

If you feel ‘between worlds’ you are likely acting as a bridge

When you are consciously attuned to the etherical realms (Dreamtimes, other planes of existence) you are likely acting as a bridge of energies. It is like you yourself are a portal between worlds. This is something you have chosen for yourself or signed up for at some point or another. The idea thrilled you, and more importantly, you felt your overall adventure, story, journey would be the richer for it.

When you are acting as a bridge, you feel sometimes ‘between’ – not quite in either spot.

Notice we use the word acting here, because all forms are transitory, including a role as a bridge. ¬†It’s not something I choose to fawn over, as I remember all forms, roles, and states shift and transition.

In my earlier life, I was presented with a different set of skill sets that later left or grew as I did.  Some stayed some left.  What I came to find for my self was these states were as transitory Рas is all form.

When you enjoy them and play with them and honor them in the present moment, they become something more than a label or a defining characteristic of you – they’re like breath – in and out. ¬†Here one moment gone the next. ¬†Flowing in and out of you, as you.

And in enjoying, playing and sharing in that way, you find yourself more open to all the wonders of life.

The more you focus on the present moment the more grounded you become

As all of life in form is transitory, here one moment gone the next, the more you are anchored in the moment, rather than any of the characteristics of the moment or how the moment ‘should look and feel’ the more grounded you become in your self.

This means that no matter what happens, you feel ‘firm on your feet.’

Realize that ultimately it is all as real and as illusory as you feel it is

The¬†fullness of life isn’t found in¬†escaping into one realm or another – it is found when you exist fully where you are now, as you are now.

You can make the point of life whatever you want.

Be mindful of your thoughts – they are a reflection of the state you are in.

I don’t take my thoughts so personally (when I remember!) ¬†And realize we’re always in flow and transition.

When I want an accurate view of myself, I go to my inner peace state and sit in silence.  There I find the clearest view, free of running thoughts Рand it is a wonderful platform to make my next choice from.

Life isn’t about being perfect

The more you trust your self, the more life flows with you

It’s not about never making mistakes, it’s about flowing with the successes, the mistakes, and enjoying the whole ride.

It’s knowing the mistakes are part of the journey, part of the experience. ¬†And from the fullest sense, there are no mistakes or successes – only moment to moment experience.

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