Be Willing to Be Hurt

Many people think that the worst pain in this world comes from being vulnerable and allowing yourself to get hurt.

What they may not realize, is it is the very act of locking up our heart that causes the most pain and confusion in our lives.
As a condition of being human, at one point or another, we all hurt.

We cry, we recoil, and perhaps we come to a conclusion that it was a poor idea to let ourselves feel.  We then lock away our heart.  We block out our feelings.  We vow to never let ourselves be vulnerable to the possibility of being hurt again.  We tell ourselves “This is how I’ll protect myself”

We do this both consciously and unconsciously.

We believe we’re loving ourselves by closing our hearts to the world.

However the choice is similar to seeing a child scrape their knee on the ground, then choosing to lock them in a padded room so they never scrape their knee again.

The child is ‘safe’ yet it doesn’t flourish.

The heart is your child.  It is adventurous, exploring, loving, yearning.
It is not meant to be locked away.

It is meant to explore and soar – to tumble again and again – and to get back up and fly even farther than before.

Yet it cannot do this if you do not let it out.

And to let it out, you must be willing.

Be willing to be hurt.

Willing is the key here.  You are not seeking to be hurt.

However when you are willing, you do not hold back.

You do not dip the toe in.

You embrace it all.  And if there are scrapes along the way, it all was worth it anyway.

The pain no longer becomes something to fear and recoil from.

It becomes a reflection of the twist and turns of the journey.

That feeling where we feel we’ve been hurt so much we couldn’t possibly allow ourselves to be hurt again… that is simply not true.

Your capacity for love outweighs anything this world could throw at you.

Love yourself.   Forgive yourself for ever seeing yourself once upon a time as unable to ‘handle life’

Then laugh as you remember there was nothing to forgive in the first place.  All is well.

Remember that the feeling of pain upon pain comes from denying yourself the joys of love, while inevitably feeling pain on top of the pain you are holding on to.

Remember that that is okay.  You are in the middle of an experience-experiment.

Remember that all it takes is a conscious choice NOW – even if that choice is “Today I will consider there may be a new way.  There may be a new perspective.”

Then allow yourself to be and feel what you feel.  Lovingly hold yourself.

Let it be.

And be willing to feel it all.

That is all it takes to shift everything.

Love you, Now and Always.

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