Be kind to your Body

For some of us during this time of Shift, we are transmuting an incredible stream of energies. 

This can translate within your body at this time as fatigue, as shifts in appetite, shifts in weight.

We say during these moments especially  – be kind to yourself and your body.

You came forth for reasons beyond human understanding.  You are a divine embodiment in a human experience. 

So when things ‘don’t make sense’, those are often the times we are making our greatest leaps and bounds.
We would encourage you to try less to force yourself to fit a mold of ‘what is expected of you’ and embrace what is.

This is a time of ‘un-defining’ and ‘re-defining’ 

It may feel like an upheaval or it may feel like a wild ride.  However you are feeling moment to moment, we encourage you to honor it.

If it seems sometimes like its an effort simply to wake up, be kind to you.  Smile that you have woken up.

Observe any judgement of what you ‘should be’ doing and allow them to lovingly flow in one ear and out the other.

Go within your heart to find your true guidance.  It will feel easy and joyful to follow this guidance, and it comes one step at a time, in steps you can take in this present moment.

If it feels like all is slowing down, or if it feels like you are back to square one, remember that you are compiling densities.

Meaning, you are processing and reintegrating a wide range of frequencies, and the dense frequencies that revisit us can sometimes feel like we are back to square one.  You are way beyond square one.  We’re not sure there’s even a square there anymore 🙂 

So we would say, release the judgement and allow it and you to be.  You may not feel ‘wonderful’ in every moment, however you will feel a deepening – an opening into the vastness you are.  It is sometimes uncomfortable when we make these shifts, but it doesn’t need to be painful. 

Remember that you came forth for the experience of your lifetimes, and you have all you need within you and around you here and now to experience the full unfolding of your path. 

Be kind to you, and your body.  Follow your intuition on what to eat.  Release restrictions based on old rules and paradigms.  Talk with your body and see what it needs for nourishment.  Give it naps when you are able and it asks.  Ask it what food it wants.  Even if that food might seem to ‘go against’ what people say you should eat, remember your body is an intelligence as well.  When you approach your body care from heart centered awareness beyond judgement, you will find this journey flowing with ease.

Enjoy the ride <3  ​​​​​​​ Love you Danielle

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