Accelerate Your Consciousness Session

Do you ever wish you could get answers in your life to the questions you feel ‘stuck’ around?

Danielle LynnDo you want to connect to your intuition with more clarity, and feel you could use a pointer in the right direction?

Would you like to get some insight on why certain situations seem to be popping up in your life, and what you can focus on to shift them?

If you feel one or more of these ways, then the accelerate your consciousness session is the breakthrough portal to clarity and balance you have been looking for.

As a grounded empath and intuitive, I am able to immediately connect with you in a space of clarity.  I can see where your energy is being held in place, and I can help you shift your focus so you can connect with your natural momentum.

I use both practical perspectives, as well as inspiring, inner guidance perspectives which cultivate an experience of deep well being, inner knowing, and balance in your life.

I will spend one hour with you personally, over the phone or on Skype. Together, we will get to the core of your BIGGEST focus or itch right now.  We will look at it from all layers, uncovering perhaps what you haven’t seen or discovered before, so you can experience a full closure and shift.

We will also reveal where you are in your current path, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, as well as where you can shift your focus to effortlessly connect to your life of aligned ease, no matter what your situation is now.

This one-spot session is perfect for you if you want crystal clear focused accuracy on:

  • Why you have felt stuck
  • Any problems you feel unable to shift
  • Answers into any consciousness questions
  • Answers to any metaphysical questions (personal or global)
  • Insights into your personal life path
  • Clarity on why you are where you are at now, and how to shift into your next layer with ease

During this session, you may experience:

  • A sense of deep clarity and purpose
  • Greater connection to your passion
  • A connection to your inner spiritual strength
  • Invigoration and the feeling you can take on the world
  • Clarity on ‘why you came here”
  • Release around pressures in your life
  • A clear and revitalizing inner energy flow
  • New inspirations, insights, ideas in your life and work
  • Awareness of your gifts
  • Awareness of your deeper, fuller conscious selfWhether you are thriving right now and are ready to connect to your next level, or whether you feel down in the dumps, this session will help you align with clarity and feel connected to your sense of well being and purpose, so you can rise to new experiences.

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Please note, you can have one of these one-time sessions every 6 months per person.  For longer term guidance, you will have a chance to organize with me after our first call.

If you are ready to book your pre-paid consciousness session, press this button below and get ready to embrace the re-invigorated you <3

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