Life is Lived Moment to Moment

Life is this fantastic adventure, and we are all in the front row seat.  Somewhere deep within you, no matter how crazy and separate life may feel on the surface, you know that you are connected to the wholeness of life.

You are here in this world, not to be another cog in an endless machine.

You are here to live the fullest vibration, expression of who you are.  Whatever that is, it’s not something that can truly be defined by anyone or anything else.  It is an expression of your life, uncovered by you moment to moment.

However, as beautiful as this sounds, so many of us feel ‘stuck’ in life.  We KNOW we have this incredible gift and power within us, but there are so many ‘things’ in life that seem to be in our way… bills to pay, anxiety, a sense of longing for greater purpose, a desire for deeper relationships or to connect with the relationship we most want… and the list goes on.

The answer rests within each of us.  In our core, we are powerful, internal to external creators.  The only time we experience powerlessness is when we unconsciously forget the power we are.

And in all our searches, there is one core truth – there we are searching for our completion.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, in each moment, we choose our focus.

As you continue, you resonate with your experience of truth that has always lived inside of you.

That you are a master at play. A scientist exploring. An explorer of reality.

You are a unique embodiment of that which we call ‘divinity, the universe, God, oneness, and many other names… in a unique human experience.

You are aware that even though you may feel separate at times, there is this undeniable knowing that you are inherently connected to all of life.

You KNOW you came here, to this life, to this reality, to this moment to transform and change this entire world.

You have had many experiences in your life. Some have been wonderful. Others have been painful beyond belief.

And yet, through all the seeming good and bad, light and dark, hard and easy – here you stand.

Ready to step forward fully in your life on all levels here and Now.

And you are a soul alchemist. One who transmutes one form of energy into another.

You are transmuting the energy of this entire world.  How will you express it?  Only you know.

What is Soul Alchemy?
Alchemy is known as transmuting ‘base metal’ into gold.

In a similar way, Soul Alchemy is the experience of transmuting base energy into the golden energy of your full consciousness.

This is the conscious process of transmuting and integrating all who you are, at the body, mind, spirit level and beyond – so you can live as the whole soul visionary you are NOW.

The key difference between soul alchemy and healing, is that you are not ‘getting rid’ of parts of yourself.

Rather, you stand in the knowing that all of you is ultimately energy. Even the energy that we sometimes want to reject – like feelings of anger, pain, or despair.

As an alchemist, you remember that the more we resist anything in our life experience, the more we are truly resisting ourselves.

Our biggest shifts then come from embracing all we are in each moment.

In complete, unconditional love. Without judgement, without rules or requirement.  And even if we do feel judgement, there is an allowing of that judgement as well.

This can feel like death for us. And in some way, it is like a death. It is the death of the stories of everything we thought we were, everything we thought we should be.

Instead, we find ourselves dying to our old stories in every moment, embracing what is, to be reborn in that very moment – aware that the essence of who and what we truly are can never die. Can never be destroyed.

In this way, you don’t ‘get rid of pain’ or ‘transcend pain’ – you recognize pain, joy, happiness and sorrow as extensions and expressions of the wholeness of all of life, as the wholeness of you.

And in that awareness, in that embrace, you find a truth that is beyond any seeking or searching.

You find the moment.

You find you.

Here and Now.

Meet Danielle – Soul Alchemist and Shaman

Danielle Lynn is currently a soul alchemist and shaman. Starting in 2012, she experienced some hardcore life experiences that helped her catalyze a pretty drastic inner and outer shift.     Part of this included being more aware of how to read and interpret subtle vibrations, and remembering one of her ‘big choices’ to live this life: to be a living human experiment on how we create our reality, from the inside out.  (And have fun while doing it.)

For her, being a shaman means choosing to live a life of embracing the dark and not always appealing parts of herself, while also embracing the light parts – moment to moment.    It also means being willing to change, to be flexible, to question beliefs – especially ones that were long held.

Even though it is traditional for a shaman to be ritualistic, Danielle believes ritual is what you make it. It can help to solidify a way of being, like a mantra.  But at the same time, she holds the perspective that it’s ultimately up to each of us to live in the moment and ask ourselves when something (like a ritual) is no longer helpful and when it’s time to let it go.

She was raised and trained from birth in a number of advanced Ayurvedic arts, including Kriya yoga, inner journeying, and breath work, from teachers, downloads, and self-study.   She continues to learn from various teachers and trainings, as well as her own contemplation.  She believes it’s important to ground and embody any esoteric knowledge you download or learn before you teach it, and so she makes sure to apply and solidify what she learns on herself first, before bringing new resonances to others.  (“It’s fun – and sometimes weird!” – Danielle)

Eclipse of consciousness by danielle lynn
You and I are old friends. To me, it’s no coincidence we’ve met, yet again.  I’m excited for what adventures await us together.

“Because each life is so different, I like approaching each of us where we’re at.   If you feel drawn to talk with me, to work with me, or to see where things go, please send me a message.  I look forward to where our conversation takes us.”


Danielle has been featured on numerous podcasts, articles, has spoken across the country, and works privately with clients and students.  She is currently writing books, including Eclipse Of Consciousness and the upcoming Emotional Mastery.   She mentors with people who connect with her message on how to connect to their core selves, using multidimensional awareness, psychic and emotional mastery, and unconditional love and allowing. 

If you would like to contact Danielle, apply to learn from her, or schedule a session, write to her here

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