Danielle Lynn is an explorer who helps people connect with their Self through non-judgement and radical self love.

In 2015 she experienced an awakening which dramatically shifted the trajectory of her life.

Since that time, she teaches by example of living her own life moment to moment, and sharing stories, experiences, and space with all who come her way.

She teaches inner voice awareness, being present and conscious, freedom from judgement, and how to be an internal to external creator.

From her perspective, life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously. The more we laugh, the more we drop belief systems and open up to who we truly are, the more we live our life by our own unique design.

And by accessing your heart through unconditional self love, you remember that life is always happening now. Not to you: For you.

Danielle has been featured on numerous podcasts, articles, has spoken across the country, and works privately with clients and students.  She is currently writing books, including the recently released Eclipse Of Consciousness and the upcoming Emotional Mastery.   She mentors high consciousness students on how to connect to their core selves, using multidimensional awareness, psychic and emotional mastery, and unconditional love and allowing. 

If you are ready to expand your consciousness and embody your unique life of alignment and freedom, let’s talk Now.  Write me a note by clicking here and sending me a message. 

Eclipse of consciousness by danielle lynn

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