A Perspective: “Frustrated! Why would I accept feeling angry or less than what I know I am?”

why would i feel spiritually angry or furstrated
Today someone reached out and talked about being mad today. They didn’t want to be mad.
I said “Well, how about you embrace yourself in this state of anger? Afterall, it’s exactly where you need to be most right now.”
And they asked me “But why would I choose to feel a lesser state?”
So here is a perspective for all of us on our choices, on letting go, and connecting with our power – even when we feel like ‘crappy’ or angry, and especially if we’re feeling frustrated with ourself:
We grew up with many perspectives that seem to reward certain behaviors. We experienced rewards for behaviors of growth and joy, success, happiness, and so forth.
Yet feelings like frustration, pain, anger, failure, seem to drag us into a bottomless pit, and seem to stir feelings of rejection and can start a cycle of self loathing that feeds into deeper feelings and creates a perpetual cycle.
In an attempt to love and nurture ourselves, we face this seemingly unpredictable world the best we know how, and try to emulate those who seem to have money and power, getting jobs, growing businesses that don’t really call to our hearts and souls – and yet ‘it’s a living.”
In this belief structure, freedom is traded for safety – a middle ground existence where “at least I’m not on the street”, with a grey sort of outlook – where life is measured in peaks and valleys – work days and weekends, or the endless need to ‘perform’ – and work-a-hol-ism and grinding yourself to exhaustion regularly is not only cheered on – it’s expected as a minimum.
We are trained to ‘box our feelings’ or to ‘react to feeling bad”
Yet…Your feelings are a key to your fullest source of power. Your feelings are a form of communication between YOU and your Self.
When you shove them under the rug in a pursuit of ‘survival’ – you temporarily block yourself off from your own power in the now moment.
When one chooses this, you ignore your vitality, your wisdom, and your perception.
It is an act of convincing yourself that you need to do things you hate to live in life. Slowly these thoughts become repeated beliefs that shape your view of life and this world.
And when this happens, the idea that you could create your reality not only becomes an absurd thought, it becomes angering – how dare they suggest that! If I could create my reality you think I’d create this!? People then become addicted to their pain.
They need it to have meaning, otherwise from their perspective, their suffering would have been pointless.
For many, they’d rather continue suffering and for it to have meaning, than to open themselves to the idea that they no longer need to suffer right now.
And yet, there is so much more to us than any of this. I am not even speaking of a ‘divine plan” I’m talking about something much simpler:
You are in a consciousness experience with yourself that includes this life and goes way beyond it.
There are so many ‘factors’ that go into each moment, that ‘why’ you would choose something often has roots in the past day, the past year, your childhood, and even realms of awareness and energy beyond your human perception.
So rather than “why” it’s more empowering for us to begin with “Here I am. Here are the feelings I currently have. It doesn’t matter what was before, what matters is here and now. What do I choose to focus on, having all these experiences with me in the present moment?”
Now instead of focusing on the past or the future – what has happened or what will be – we are instead connected with our power in the only place it lives – HERE AND NOW.
If we feel powerless and dont know how- then sometimes I say really let yourself feel powerless. Don’t resist it.
REsisting only causes more resistance.
You may fear if you stop resisting that you are only sinking further. Theres the catch 22 – it is impossible for you to be what you are not.
Any shift you make is temporary. So knowing it is all temporary, let it go.
Let go of the judgement of the feeling, judgement connect us with ignorance.
In judgement we IGNORE how things truly be, and instead latch on to our old thoughts and perceptions.
Throw yourself an anger part. Make ‘frownies’. Create a face mask with an anger face on it.
Embrace the parts of you that you once rejected in fear. Choose love.
Love all of yourself into existance. Face the storm – see what happens.
We have been taught to drive with blindfolds on.
We have been taught to ignore our feelings – the BASE form of communication between ourselves and our fullest, ‘higher self’
When we say freedom, abundance, and all those good things exists here and now, it is because the moment we choose to face these things we have been hiding from is the moment we see the old thought chains vanish and become immediately reconnected with our power.
And with this my friend, is one portal for you to connect with all you are.
Love you
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