A new step, a new breath, a new way to be.

Sometimes, we sit in our minds when we want to create something.

We sit and observe the corners of our minds, searching for the inspiration that will spark us in a new direction.

In all my experience, inspiration doesn’t come from the mind.

If anything, it comes from the core of who we are.

The word itself – inspire – has so many offshoots.

Taking the core words, “In” “Breathe”.

INspiration happens from the inside, and is manifest outside of us. (Again, notice there is nothing here about the mind, or thinking about things.)

The breath plays an interesting key here to all of this.

I have heard it said that conscious breathing alone is enough to trigger a catalystic number of changes within ourselves, that would result in the flowering of a new awareness.

Are you breathing fully? (Just a friendly, neighborhood breath check.)

Based on this exploration, we can see, new steps don’t originate in the mind.

They are inspired. We breathe them in, and live them into being.

There is a new way present to all of us now – how we create, how we live.

It’s not about looking to the outer world to change first.

It’s about taking those breaths, then those steps – ourselves first.

Live as you though the echos of your life are weaving the fabric of reality around you.

Live presently, even with the ordinary. Especially with the ordinary. It’s when we pierce these moments with consciousness that we can say we’re living with true magic.

Breathe fully, breathe consciously. Breathe as though your very reality depended on it, in the most wonderful ways.

And remember to have fun with it. 🙂

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