A message for the New Year 2018 – Masters at Play

There’s a tendency to reflect back on a year, and look forward to the next.

Here and Now, we open a space – with you here with me, with we- to reflect inward on this year.

We’re all part of this together.  We move forward together.  We move inward together.

The success of one is the success of the whole. And your life is infinitely valuable.  

This is a moment of awareness that is fully and unconditionally for you, should you choose it.

It is yours at any time.  Any Now moment you choose. You’re invited to feel and reflect on all the successes you experienced.

It feels fulfilling to realize one’s wishes.

It’s exciting to anticipate the ways you can grow and expand on those wishes.

It’s exciting to remember who you ARE. And tap into the inherent mastery that is always yours, that has always been your birthright.

You’re invited to feel and reflect on the challenges and hardships you experienced.

Failure, pain and regret can feel like bitter fruits.

We’re not here to tell you they’re not.  

Sometimes, as humans we try to ‘get over’ those feelings so fast that we never really digest them.

So they sit like a pit in our stomach, fermenting.

At this moment, you have awareness.  You are awareness.  You have chosen awareness for yourself Now. In awareness, you are invited to reflect on the following as you process these once undigested feelings:

It’s okay to feel the way you feel about the experiences in your life.

It’s okay to feel good or bad, neither or both – or maybe a little bit of everything.   Life is a gradient experience, with so many dimensions to it.

You are a multi-faceted person-being.   You’re not restricted to one way of living your life.

You are ultimately allowed to be peaceful, lustful, gentle, vicious, loving, angry, playful, neutral – anything, at any moment, for any reason.  The only restrictions are those you choose and perceive about what you should or should not do.  And ultimately, even those are okay for they are part of your moment to moment choice.

You can feel happysad.  You can be both thrilled and regretful.  You can be full of awareness one moment, then yelling at the guy in the car in front of you the next.

It’s okay if you feel angry at life, or tired or sad.   It’s okay.  And even if it doesn’t feel okay, that is okay too.

You are a master at play.

Deep within you, no matter what is going on in your life, you know this to be true.  You know this to be your true essence.

And even then, masters at play are allowed to feel tired and small.
(That’s how we sometimes ignite our most cool and inspired creations!)

We invite you wherever you are, to take a moment to collect yourself.

To really feel every cell in your body, every muscle and organ within yourself.  The skin and hair that surrounds you.  The energy that vibrates through you and every iota of creation.

We are connected.  Your process is our process.

You are never alone.  We are all coming online, alive and aware.

You are being invited to tune in to what you truly need – not just ‘in service of the whole’ – but the whole of YOU.

Because you and the whole are one.  Your needs, your dreams, your aspirations are integral to the success of all.

This is what it is to be truly connected, to be aware of your significance, your importance in this universe.

That the idea that “you living your dream helps others’ Isn’t just an inspirational quip. But it is the very foundation and understanding that we are like cells in a body – and each cell is vital to the whole.

 Your health, well being, happiness, joy, playfulness, fun – is just as important as any mission you may have.

You might even say… that tending to yourself in a state of true self love IS serving the whole, especially when every action comes from a place of loving all involved.  Then everyone wins.

We welcome you to 2018 – Together we rise.

Thank you for being part of this experience.  We love you universally, fully – and every ounce of the unique person you are. 🙂   You might say we see you as super cool.




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