A lighthearted touch on life

How many times have we felt that constriction in our chest, in our gut, when things don’t quite go our way?

For me, perhaps too many times to count.

Even with all my practice, this life can be a very absorbing experience. It can be easy to take it all a little too ‘seriously.’

I’m going to elaborate on this a little, because I feel sometimes we fall to heavily from one side to the other.

Taking life seriously in this case could be described as ‘letting the things outside of me rock my inner world.’

I do believe we have a responsibility to make choices and participate in life. Even if those choices are to be at rest, or not take it seriously.

Paradoxical? Maybe – but the core that I’m pointing to is conscious choice.

Each moment, we have a choice to how we respond to life. This choice can feel varied and complex, but I find it boils down to one of two main choices: Fear or Love?

Another way to say this, reactivity or responsiveness?

These choices are a frequency, a resonance. And what makes the choices so empowering, are that they’re a choice that we alone make for ourselves.

Many of us are programmed to be reactive. When we’re reactive, we’re often making choices without owning the choice we make. We feel like life is happening to us.

So here’s what I suggest if you want to experiment with life a little.

When you feel the constriction coming on, the tightness, take a beat and breathe.

Breathe fully, breathe deeply, breathe knowing it’s the most important thing you can do right now.

Create space, even if it’s 5 minutes. And commit yourself to it – all in.

You’re not attempting to do or change anything. What you are doing is cultivating a conscious choice response to an experience.

In time, this will shift into a space of choice and opportunity.

Note that this won’t necessarily prevent you from feeling pain. It won’t stop life from happening.

It will however, bring you to a new dimension of awareness.

May your journeys resonate deeply.

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