When do we awaken?

Often, when a being makes a choice to awaken, it happens at a full self level – involving the body, the mind, the energy, the feelings.

This is why you can’t just ‘think’ yourself into awakening.

There are no techniques to help you awaken faster.  And even if there were, they’d be unnecessary.  Awakening happens in such a way that it supports your full growth at every level.

Like a tree that grows at just the right speed to extend its roots, grow its branches and leaves, our own selves have a natural rhythm to awakening.  It always happens at precisely the moment it is meant to.

Now, Paradox alert – that doesn’t mean that we do not influence when that moment is in our lives.  However, our influce doesn’t come from ‘pushing or doing’ – but rather a state of deep receptiveness, often known as allowing or surrender, that allows us to experience it.

Even then, you don’t have to force surrender to happen.  Any force is a resistance of the moment – and resistance is what keeps us from surrendering.  Tricky bugger, eh?

Any attempts to control the situation will result in us ‘waiting’ until we let our gaurd down – and then everything unfolds at once.

The upheaval of awakening, and using discernment to figure your truth.

We’re living in an age where awakening is more and more common.

People are coming online and experiencing their world a new way.

However, this also means there are a lot of opinions on what you ‘should or shouldn’t do’.

“Do this mediation, do that technique, don’t eat this, do yoga, etc etc.”

You may notice, that this entire guide doesn’t tell you to follow a specific practice or not.

This is because what your whole self wants and needs moment to moment is something for you to discern IN that moment.

Yoga may be just what you need.  Or maybe what is better for you right now is sitting still.

Or perhaps what you need is to be more grounded.  To get out there and do practical things in the world.

What’s important to note, is the flexibility, the allowing and non judgement of our inner guidance is KEY to you who would like to experience your awakening with as much smoothness as you can.

So maybe you will feel guided to eat a bag of chips.  Some will go full vegan all of a sudden. Or maybe you still eat meat.  Maybe you won’t one day.

Perhaps you wonder why some people guide others to be vegetarian.  It comes from a well-intentioned place.  Collectively, we are headed to a space where we are less likely to eat meat.

However, it is up to each of us individually to make that choice – not from a place of ‘should’ but from a place of ‘this is what I truly want.’

When we shame ourselves or others for choices, we’re actually acting from a place of powerlessness.   When we truly want to change something or shift the world, we start within, by embracing the world and ourselves as we are, listening to ourselves, allowing ourselves to feel what we feel, and taking inspired action as it arises.

This may sound like it’s not doing much.  However, when we as a collective consciousness follow these steps within ourselves, each of our tiny steps connect in place together, creating an internal and external synergy that transforms the world.   It is not a pipe dream of ‘someday’ or ‘sometime.’

It is already happening as we start here and now.  You can tune in and feel this for yourself.   This page you are reading otherwise would not exist.

Allow yourself the dignity of your full experience, human, divine and everything in between.

Allow yourself the experiences that you’re resonating with in the moment.  When you’re ready to stop doing something, you will know, because you will stop.

This goes for all experiences in your life.   Repression only slows momentum down.  Embrace who you are now.  If you have tendencies that you or others feel are harmful to your body, your mind or the world around you, read on.  There are some perspectives on connecting with professionals that may help you.

As you continue to awaken, you may find yourself having self-revelations, and then learning from a teacher. Maybe you will get insights on your own.  Maybe you’ll feel inspired to reach out to a professional, a doctor, a shaman, a therapist, a healer, a spiritual leader, a friend…

The possibilities are unlimited. 

Self kindness, worthiness, and a big heaping case of the ‘I should be’s”

One of the most challenging parts of awakening can be embracing our imperfections.

We want so much for things to ‘go right.’  It can be hard to embrace failure, especially deep personal failures.

And yet, as we awaken we are ultimately ‘failing forward.’  Each moment is a test of reality, a curious exploration of our inner space.  And from the ultimate sense, there is no real way to get it ‘right or wrong’ except by the temporary definitions and rules we place on our own lives.  (Until those dissolve as well – and they all do eventually.) 

Awakening isn’t about ‘avoiding feelings.’  It is about being who you truly are, regardless of external or internal circumstances.  It is an embrace of the WHOLE.

And this perhaps is one of the most confusing elements to those who associated with new age ideas or considered themselves the light fighting the dark.

A true awakening is an embodiment of the whole – the light and the dark.  All that we fight is ultimately the shadow of ourself.

This is one reason why awakening can take us on some seemingly dark paths.

We’re bringing awareness to all parts of ourselves – including the parts we have ‘hidden away’ from.

This can feel very very uncomfortable.  This can feel terrifying and like everything in your life is breaking apart.

It’s not uncommon to feel deep depression, apathy,  confusion, anxiety, or even suicidal.

Please do note, if you feel this way, it really is okay to speak to a professional.  One way you can do this, is to tune into the belief that there is a professional who can help you at a physical level while also SEEING you in your awakening, providing an extra layer of support and understanding.

For example, there are therapists, doctors, coaches (etc) who themselves are awakened beings.  Then, to find this person, you would state your intention out loud.  Decide that is the person you will go with.  Then begin looking at listings, and see which names jump out at you.  That’s a good sign you’ve found someone who is in alignment with your specifications.   Or create your own method, starting with how it feels to talk to this person and feel your inspiration from there.

Whatever you are experiencing, it’s important to note that it is all transatory.   However, it’s not about ‘waiting for pain to go away.’  Even that is a form of passive resistance.

Truly embracing the pain is a surrender, and it will ultimately happen on its own one way or another.  You can ease the process by taking any inspired steps that arise.  And if none arise, then sit with the feeling and embrace the endless moment.  It may feel like a death, because it is a form of death.

A death of the old story, a death of the old you.  It is the phoenix transformation of your life.

As you transmute, embrace, and explore these parts of yourself, it’s key to be aware of the ‘cycles’ some people get caught up in.

What’s the ‘healing cycle’ and ‘always seeking never finding’ cycle? (Continued) >   (coming soon)


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