What’s the point of life?

Ever wonder what life is all about?

Chances are, you have from time to time.

There are plenty of doctrines, books, texts, and philosophies to tell you what it is and what it isn’t.

Yet somehow, no matter how full these descriptions are, there’s never one single explanation we seem to be able to point to and collectively declare ‘yes! That’s the reason for life!”

The phenomenon behind this is the essence of life itself – it is our unique individual and collective subjective experience.

Meaning, depending on who you and what your perspectives are at any given moment, life is a vastly different experience.

The meaning of that life will take on different forms depending on who you ask – and when you ask them,

A person’s reason for life will often shift and change with them as they cycle through life.

Some people have no reason at all, and simply experience life as it comes.

We come into this life very open, like soft clay.  Through your experiences, your environment, and other factors, you start to develop beliefs and a world view.

This gives you a structure for experiencing life.  This is right, this is wrong.  This is good, this is bad.  It makes sense to our mind.

Then one day, maybe out of the blue, you start to see things a bit differently.

You may have had unusual abilities as a child that you were told was just ‘imagination’, and now you’ve begun to remember them again.

You may have vivid dreams or feel lucid in your waking life.

You can’t share this feeling like everything in your life seems to have shifted… even though nothing seems to have REALLY changed.

Incredible ‘coincidences’ start showing up in your life.

Perhaps you notice animals, or number sequences more.  

You may feel crazy.

And whatever it is you feel, overall you simply feel ‘done’ with the old way of life, and you KNOW there is something better – and one way or another you have found yourself exploring explanations for everything you’re experiencing, trying new techniques or meditations, and find yourself ‘open’ to new ideas.

In other words, you are awakening.

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