A Guide For Awakening

Hey there my friend.

I felt inspired the other day to create something.

It’s something that I feel so much joy in creating, and it’s something I know will be instrumental for many of us as we continue to awaken.

It is a free awakening guide.

In the spirit of the world I feel us living in, I am writing it, and publishing it completely free for people to read on my site.

This is a co-creation based in synergy.  Meaning, I know this will add value to your life, to my life, and to our collective reality.

It is designed to walk anyone going through the awakening process to a place of inner connection and understanding.

To me, this is one of the building blocks of our evolved collective experience. And  This is how I am contributing here and now.

Currently, I am adding pages to it as I go.  Eventually I will add a table of contents.

I’m honored to share this guide with you, and I invite you to forward the link to anyone and everyone you feel it would help.

With love,

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