A brief glimpse into SoulScaping

I have always been very interested in self-actualization. From the time I was born I was taught to meditate to be self-aware and to seek enlightenment.

I took particular issue with the idea of rejecting any part of myself or any part of life. If I am all things and oneness, why would I reject anything?

Instead of rejecting my humanity in favor of divinity I have chosen to see the Divinity in my Humanity. I have chosen to embrace and integrate all of myself. And in loving myself fully and unconditionally I have found this entire world, this entire universe loves me,
In this way I see one of the most joyful paths for humanity emerging.
I see for us all a world that moves beyond hierarchy, a world where each of us steps forward in our own mastery, to live an essence in this world, through us, that has never been seen or felt before.

To connect to this awareness, I have found that the most transformative healing takes place when we love all of ourself as we are now, perceived flaws and all. Then we focus our gaze beyond suffering or limitations and see each of us as the incredible divine gift we already are.

I call this sort of transmutational healing work Divine Alchemy.

This weekend (on November 12, 2016) I led a group of inspired brothers and sisters in their own experience of divine alchemy during my first live SoulScaping workshop.

SoulScaping experiences are self guided Divine Alchemy. You connect with yourself, you transmute, you shift beyond illusions, you awaken to yourself.

In this class we talked we laughed and we performed Alchemy through music movement food and self-expression.

First, we had a change to connect together and eat some good food.  I made cookies that are filled with LOVE.  Yes, even the prep cooking was a fun alchemy process with conscious intentions!

Then we sat together in a circle on the floor mat, and begun to connect.  To ourselves, to the group, to our inner openness.  This is the process we begin to tap into so we can fully let ourselves loose.  The starting catalyst?  Play-doh!  Molding play-doh with our hands, we allowed our meridians to get stimulated, and had some fun making shapes.

We then did another exercise together to help use move beyond attachment.

After, we all raided the food table again!  Plates of crackers, cheese, fruits, veggies, hummus, yogurt and of course, the love cookies were loaded up.

We also had teas and waters for quenching our thirst.

Now the painting process begins.  With our conscious set intentions to open to ourselves, a special space was held and created.  In this space, portals allowed all participants to connect to their full Self in awareness and catalyze a deep transformation and transmutation.

It was so joyful to walk down the aisles, and see the creations that were emerging forward!  Water over there, sparks over here, the energy and paint was flying.

We had laughter and tears, and a wide range of emotions and feelings.

Today I share a glimpse of this class with you and invite you to listen to this call for yourself – whether through an experience like this one or even through your own self-created experience Step Up and embrace all you are.

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