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Love Infinite – 3 Part Home Course

The 3 Part Course that Unifies Heart, Mind, and Power so You Can Live Your Unique Soul Blueprint FULLY.  

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Eclipse of Consciousness by Danielle LynnEclipse Of Consciousness: A Book about Remembering Your Self

This inspired book was written to help you remember the true nature of reality.  It is a guidepost and contains activations and downloads.  If you are drawn to read this, there is something in this book for you.

You can get it here on Amazon

27 Soul perspectives by Danielle Lynn 27 Soul Perspectives:  Alchemy Tool Book and Guide

A 40 page guidebook and alchemy tool that allows you to uplift your life no matter what you feel in any given moment by tuning you in to your inner voice.  Order the ebook here on Amazon for kindle or send me a message for a Free PDF Copy

Danielle Lynn - The DragonessPrivate Sessions (Currently Closed – Waiting List Open)

I am a multidimensional empath and facilitator.  What I offer is powerful, and intense for some.  You may experience ‘death of ego.’  However, if you still feel drawn after reading this, then you are likely a catalyst and visionary in this world, and there is an activation for you.

Sessions may include: Feeling ‘healed’ at a core level, whole Self integration, being ‘aware’ of Self, clarity, activations.   

(I am currently not accepting new sessions – If you would like to be added to the waiting list for when I re-open sessions again  please write me a message here.