A Perspective: “Frustrated! Why would I accept feeling angry or less than what I know I am?”

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Today someone reached out and talked about being mad today. They didn't want to be mad.   I said "Well, how about you embrace yourself in this state of anger? Afterall, it's exactly where you need to ...

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The spiritual perspective on why you procrastinate

There was a time in my life that I would wake up each day and feel like I was already lagging behind. The bliss of sleep seemed to fade as I woke up and my mind ‘caught me up’ with everything that ‘needed’ my attention. I spent a large...

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LYS – Season 1-Episode 5: Beyond manifestation

Why I stopped talking about manifestation - until now.  Join me for a deep exploration into manifestation with answers to some of the most pressing manifestation questions I have encountered. I have felt called to talk about the connection betwee...

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