Love Yourself To Life

Danielle Lynn is an intuitive artist, inner voice teacher, alchemist and spiritual guide. She experienced a radical awakening in 2015 and from that point chose to live a life that was truest to her moment to moment.

She was raised and trained from birth in a number of advanced ayurvedic arts, including kriya yoga, inner journeying, and breath work.   After her awakening, she became aware of modalities she had

Eclipse of consciousness by danielle lynn
You and I are old friends. It’s no coincidence we’ve met, yet again.

trained in past lives, opening her and those who train with her to a vast library of tools and inner resources.

Because each life is so different, Danielle chooses to approach each person and situation where they are at, so your life is honored and fully expressed.

Her focus is on joyful living through complete self love. Her message is simple -when you love yourself completely without judgement, you are able to tap into the full power you are now so you can live the life you want on every level.

She helps those she works with through a combination of teaching modalities, as well as consciously tuning into her students and their unique life paths.

All experiences are uniquely chosen moment to moment to bring out the best in those she works with and reveal to them their illusions.

She connects with her students on multiple levels, and encourages a learning pattern that sees them graduating from her care into their own awareness.

Danielle has been featured on numerous podcasts, articles, has spoken across the country, and works privately with clients and students.  She is currently writing books, including the recently released Eclipse Of Consciousness and the upcoming Emotional Mastery.   She mentors awakening consciousness people on how to connect to their core selves, using multidimensional awareness, psychic and emotional mastery, and unconditional love and allowing. 

If you would like to contact Danielle, apply to learn from her, or schedule a session, write to her here