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Who is

Danielle Lynn?

Danielle Lynn is someone who sees that each of us are ultimately the creators of our own unique reality, and that this world functions at its peak when we treat the WHOLE world (ourselves and others) with love, empathy, and respect.  She also really, really likes dragons.

In 2012, she experienced a spontaneous shift that profoundly changed her experience of life. Since then, she sees the world from many different ways at once.  It was like being able to ‘see’ for the first time after being blind. At first this was chaotic.  But as she played with it, she saw how it could be useful to help bridge new ways of looking at things.

And in her perception, humanity as a whole is only just starting to become aware of the long reaching impact that our inner state has on the world around us… and all the cool ways we can play with that understanding!  (I mean, can you imagine what we could create together as we embrace our creative Self!)

If you’re here, you’re already switched on.  Maybe this is all still new to you, maybe you’ve been around a few (million) times. Wherever you are at, this site is designed to be one platform to share ways we can embrace our unique skills and create an even more awesome world together.

If you’d like to learn more about her work, check out her blog, check out her books, watch some videos, do some exploring around – use what helps you and leave the rest!   

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The Mission: Loving life from the inside out

Love is the most powerful alchemy in this universe. And YOU are the source.

And when you love your Self…

Fully, unconditionally as you are right NOW

Something amazing happens. You happen. The unique being that is you is finally allowed to emerge.

You are a unique blueprint of inspiration that this world has never seen, and will never see again.

And we want to see you play, to see you grow and create.

To see you are allowed to be YOU in all your glory, however that looks.

And the journey starts right here, right now, with you…

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I'm halfway done with your guide and wow I am getting huge shift. I can't wait to tell you how much I've been allowing amazing things to come into my life from all the breakthroughs I'm getting from the guide. Biggest impact from connecting with Danielle and Rob? Being able to manifest like a mofo!
AJ Mihrzad

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