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Craft Your Brand

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Fix Your Site

  • Figure out why your sales are dropping.
  • Find Conversion and Sales funnel Flaws.
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Get What You Want out of Business

What’ makes an amazing brand? Making profits? Getting recognition? Realizing your vision? Helping others? How about doing all that while NEVER compromising on your values - and bringing something amazing to the world. Your own unique mark. You see...

When you stick to your values, you create a more sustainable business

When you’re aligned with what you’re doing, you find that you have more energy to keep going. You don’t burn out. And your unmistakeable authenticity DRAWS customers to you like butterflies to sugar. Simply put; I help your business make more money by connecting you with your target customer, while helping you stay true to your purpose.

The result of No-Compromise Branding?

A lot of happy, paying customers. More money than you’ll ever need. And the knowledge that YOU are doing something truly inspiring - all while loving what you do.

Craft a Powerful Reputation

From the moment you open your metaphorical doors, people will judge you. Do you want them to draw their own conclusions? Or do you want to show them in no uncertain terms exactly who you are, what you bring to the table and how AWESOME that makes you? Creating your brand image from the start is essential for that reason. The earlier you can help people shape their opinion of you, the easier it is to draw in sales, build promotional materials, and easily market and grow your buisness. But you gotta do it right... or don’t do it at all. Here’s a Few Ways I Help Build Your Brand The Right Way:

Marketing Research

Uncover the conversation your dream customers are having in their heads:

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Let go of ‘draining’ customers, and attract only the customers you WANT to have. I’ll help you connect with the most qualified people who have the resources and the right stuff to be your customers! How? By whittling down what you want to accomplish and using my connections and no-compromise strategy to help you uncover the perfect niche and pitch.


Branding and Creative Brain Juice

Create the ultimate brand image for you around your customers and values:

Using my no-compromise brand techniques, I craft the ultimate brand for you. Not only does it encapsulate your values - I also build it around what your dream customers are searching for. This includes the tone of your brand, images, colors, developing the right feel - the right messaging. Boom, I do it all.


Cold Hard Sales and Profits

Lift conversions, build sales funnels and create profit-building strategies:

Don’t let the positive attitude fool you – I make sure work gets done. While I build everything around your core values, I also make sure you get measurable results. I craft short term and long term strategies, set up funnels, test results - and help you build a business online or offline that is profitable and powerful.

Different Ways We Can Work Together

When we work together, I can work individually with you or your team, or have me bring my personal team on board! Whatever suits!

About me

Hey there, you awesome person you. My name is Danielle Lynn and I love helping people like you do amazing things with their business. I’m a firm believer that what you put into the world is what you get back. My philosophy in marketing and business is the more you work with the ideas that energize you, the more you will get out of your business. Yes, I can help your business make more money. I can also help take you BEYOND profits, into a deeper level of financial and personal success. Sounds exciting? Heck yes it is! Now let’s put something in action. Start by contacting me or give me a chit-chat on one of my social handles. I look forward to meeting you!

Happy clients and words of praise!

Fantastc people who have nice things to say about working with me!
Tristan and Jarrod Boyce – Owners of BOYCE BROS and ASANA:The work you did on our brand imaging and copy was kick ass. Exactly what we were looking for. We’re putting through the additional adjustments you suggested to improve the clickthroughs on our pages. Looking forward to doing more soon!
Chad Agrawal - CEO of Community College Transfer Student Pro:Danielle helped me take my website from making ZERO sales to making my first sale today! I was getting close to giving up on my product and as a last attempt. Danielle told me exactly what I could do to make my copy a success.
Ross Bowring - Copywriter and Marketer:Danielle does it again! This is the second time I’ve leaned on Danielle to save my bacon and come up with an uber-creative logo concept. Boy Danielle oversaw the creation of a masterful branding solution that completely solves a giant marketing problem! Thanks Danielle… I’ll be back!
Heather House - Owner of the Original Panty Piñata:Wow. I can’t believe it’s actually up. This business is something I have been dreaming of putting together a while now, and with Danielle’s help I actually was able to make my vision materialize. She was very patient and instructive with me the whole way.

No-Compromise Products and Packages

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